A newsletter empowering people to bring ideas to life through practical design advice and real-world maker stories

Creating bold products that people want, which are well designed, with a great user experience is hard.

That's why every two weeks, I share practical advice on creative processes, product design, and innovation, so that you can continue growing your business and building the future.

Who is this newsletter for?

  • For aspiring founders, makers, or Indie hackers — helping you to break out of feeling stuck, validate your ideas and and deliver products your users want.

  • For product teams — looking to better understand user needs and ideate laterally on how to solve them, through modern experience thinking.

  • For designers, product managers or aspiring ones — looking to work on their discovery skills, so that they can deliver more valuable experiences.

What does this newsletter cover?

This newsletter is new and will cover the following topics over the coming months. If you don’t see a topic or idea listed below which you’d like to discuss or think that I should write about, tweet or email me as I’d love to hear from you ✨

Creative processes, such as:

  • The process of designing from idea to execution

  • Iterating on your initial ideas

  • Techniques for having more ideas

  • Building your creative muscle

Product Design and User Experience

  • Helping you understand your user’s why

  • Continuous learning with users

  • Understanding user mental models

  • Learning with MVPs


  • Regular roundups of impressive new products or bold ideas

  • The latest in growth such as utilising community in your product

  • How innovation works, and understanding the iterative process

Life and mental health

  • Dealing with Imposter syndrome

  • Managing the stress of ambiguity

  • Learning to think like a leader and trusting the process

  • Reducing feelings of anxiety and depression as a creative

  • Being mindful of burnout

  • How to thrive as a solo founder, PM or designer in a small startup

  • Confidence to pursue your ideas

All the best!
- Josh (@joshuanewton1)

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Empowering people to bring ideas to life through practical design advice and real-world maker stories


Product designer, hoping to inspire others to dream of ideas and make them